Another Milestone



It's a slow, mostly uneventful journey being a writer, but occasionally, you hit those nice little milestones that keep you going. It's a bit like having a really good friend who happens to be invisible, mute, and mostly sedentary. After months, even years, of silence you begin to believe that you just made this friend up, that they don't actually exist.

Then, they leave a sticky note on your laptop that reads, "You're doing it...You're actually doing it. Whatever happens next, Don't Stop!"

The latest milestone was the offer of representation from a literary agent. Aimee Ashcraft of Brower Literary really enjoyed my novel Where Toys Go, and the contract is signed. Excitement doesn't do that feeling justice.

For my non-writer friends, what does this step mean? Well, larger publishers don't accept anything unless it is represented by an agent. So, to get into bigger markets, you really need to find an agent that believes in your work. This might not guarantee anything, but on a personal level, it means everything.

Make no mistake...this is just the beginning. There will be setbacks, and even the victories will be slow to come. But I really, really needed that sticky note.

Time to work.