The Calm Before the...Calm

Writing is solitary work. It's for people who enjoy being alone, working quietly, daydreaming about whatever sort of horrible shit pops into their head. In short, I'm very cut out for this. I'm a pretty patient person, but I have to say...

...the wait is killing me.

Before your eyes roll out of your head and you tell me to shut the hell up and get a real job, let me explain. I've been doing this for a long time. I know the age old mantra for writers of staying busy, work on something else, and don't stare at your inbox. I get that, I really do. 

It's just that I've been very busy during that waiting period, and there's just so much I want you to see. For the record, this is what I'm currently sitting on:

  • One novel under contract
  • One short story collection under contract
  • Two completed novels under consideration
  • One nearly completed novel
  • One novel draft, soon to go into editing

And it doesn't stop there. I've got another outline ready to roll, with the plan being having two - three novels out in the wild by 2017.  All of that is to say, it's not the work that I'm getting weary of, it's the lack of feedback. 

Feedback is water on the withering plant that is creativity. My wife can attest to this fact. She's always my first reader, and I sit quietly waiting for her to finish the last few pages of a new book.

"Sooooo...what'd you think?"

It doesn't matter how naturally introverted I am, I write for people to read it. I want to know what they love in my work, what they hate, what pissed them off, and what made them cry. Did my words make you feel anything at all? Then, for the love of God, let's talk about it!

To really nail the point, just imagine this. Let's say you decide to paint your kitchen. You fret over colors, check out new counters, maybe put in a new backsplash, and finally, after all that work, you step back and gaze at your work. You're proud of yourself, and why not? You spent hours getting things just like you like them. With excitement bubbling, you whip out your phone, snap a picture, go to put in on Instagram or Facebook, and...

...a message pops up that says, "Picture Downloaded....Will Be Available In 2-3 Years."

I'm just bitching here, I'm fully aware of the fact. I still feel very lucky to have made it as far as I have, but maybe, just maybe, someone will read this and get a laugh. Being a writer, especially a struggling one, is all about those breadcrumbs, those little morsels that tell you to keep going, to hang in there because the good stuff is just around the corner. Maybe your little chuckle will be enough to keep me hanging on a little bit longer.